Lights, camera, and action! We play brand stories in one quick motion. Lift your desired product and start a special effects dialogue with your costumers!

Digital Interactive Shelf is an intelligent shelf, a tool especially designed for product interaction with customers in retail and product display.

What can be more appealing for a shopper than taking a product from the shelf and to be served on the spot with multimedia content right about the product that is holding in the hand?!

It’s basically a shelf to place products, where users can interact with the exposed products. The touch screen feature makes it all: displaying content about the product the users touched, offers diverse options to entertain the customers, allow customers to brows into multimedia content, to submit to promotional campaigns or to subscribe in the brand’s database.

Not to forget, at the end of the experience, consumers can benefit of discount vouchers, printed right on the spot.

It’s really getting in touch with the product in all aspects. This incredible shelf, is doing all!

It’s an all in one digital product interactive display system:

  • Interactivity for engagement
  • Product placement & product interaction;
  • Display for commercial product communication.