The overall concept of the activation was to simulate a real drive into New York city, placing in the light the moment before going out, when you make yourself beautiful and run your beauty ritual.
We set up a videowall that made a video display with the streets of New York. We located , in front of videowall, a bogus taxi like a real one from New York(yellow cab). People ”were taking” the taxi to begin his journey, in New York style, toward a memorable evening. Nearby was installed a Touch Digital Totem which display in real time the experience of the participants, recording at the same time the moment : Make-up in town for each of those who went to the steering wheel of the car which operate on the basis of the impulse ”Make it happen” – brand’s slogan. Simple number phone input makes people to receive, via SMS, a link with achieved video and facebook share button.Was automatically generated a link customized for each participant and we had available the option to scan the QR Code to go directly to the link.


Syscom Digital is a top leading interactive marketing agency born in 2009. We have been always driven by ambition and thirst for innovation, therefor in 2016 with logistic support of the already existing infrastructure (web and mobile, SMS text aggregation platform, voice automated IVR, LED screens, Kinect devices, AR mobile apps, VR glasses etc) we launched our Digital Experiential Division. Amazing projects, new technology, brilliant creative ideas, successful campaigns, all of them drove us to a next level of understanding the consumer interaction- the retail engagement.

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